Mixed Flavours

Wakuli Brand Identity

Together with Kim Mannes-Abbott we created a new brand identity for Wakuli. We have given Wakuli visual impact that encompassed their fresh & ethical approach to the coffee trade.
Wake up with Wakuli communicates not only the unique flavours and quality of the product but also refers to the positive impact Wakuli has on the farming communities that grow their coffee.

Check it out at: www.kimmannesabbott.com

Wake up to truly better coffee

Wakuli believes that giving farmers a fairer price (up to 2 times more than other brands) will enable the people that grow the coffee to support their communities, reinvest in their business and contribute to the longevity of the surrounding ecosystem. Wakuli knows all the hands that contribute to each coffee bean.

Project Information


Kim Mannes-Abbott for Wakuli


Concept & Design

Design team

Kim Mannes-Abbott, Willie van Burgsteden

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Check it out at: www.kimmannesabbott.com