Mixed Flavours

Reinventing Paris

More innovative, more flexible, more mixed, more ecological and more social

On 3 December 2014, Anne Hidalgo, the then new mayor of Paris, launched the program 'Reinventer Paris' in the Pavillon d'Arsene. For locations within the French capital, she asked for proposals to be submitted in an international open tender. Information about all locations was available on a publicly accessible website. Most were places that were abandoned or where little was happening at the time. Innovative proposals were requested for better use: more flexible, more mixed, more ecological, more social.

Is Paris changing? How do they deal with the new issues, such as energy, mobility, productivity? We visited several new developments and were critical but also impressed. Paris now has an exemplary urban development with specific attention to a mixed urban area, with a great deal of attention to flexibility, which means that functions are spread more widely throughout the day. Biodiversity in the areas will also play an important role.

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